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Plein Air


Calusa View  oil  12x16
Castine Diagonal   oil  8x10
Weedy     watercolor 12x16
Sunset Trickle     oil  5x7
Monhegan Wave     oil  5x7
Billows, Monhegan     oil  8x10
Cross Harbor    oil  5x7
McClellan Study 1   oil  12x16
Pining For the Sea  oil  5x7
Retired      oil  8x10
Around the Pound      oil  8x10
Treasure Salvor     watercolor   12x16
Abandoned     watercolor   12x16
Bahia Breeze    oil    8x10
Early Morning, Castine    oil   12x16
Grand Old Lady     oil  12x24
Artists' Home    wc, gouache  7x10
Attitude    wc, gouache  10x7
Shadows of the Artists    wc, gouache  7x10
Behind St. Paul     wc, gouache  10x7
Nearby  gouache 8x10
Gullible  gouache 8x10
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