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Plein Air


Treasure Salvor gouache 12x16

Abandoned gouache 12x16

Feathery Palm oil 8x10

Palm with a View oil 8x10

Tender, Camden oil 8x10

Artist House Morning gouache 7x10

Waiting For You oil 12x16

Companion Palm gouache 7x10

On the Sandbar oil 12x16

Artist House gouache 7x10

St. Paul's Demo KW gouache 7x10

Leaning Palm oil 12x16

Gullible gouache 8x10

The Rock oil 8x10

Nearby gouache 8x10

Marden's gouache 8x10

Lincolnshire gouache 8x10

Largo Cat oil 8x10

Sunlit Porch oil 12x16

That 80s Boat oil 12x16

The Old Bridge oil 12x24

Relics oil 8x10

Coral Bay 1 oil 8x10

Ft Zach Dawn oil 12x16

Bahia Afternoon oil 12x24

Wekiva Jammin oil 5x7

Bird Paradise oil 12x24

Seaside Retreat oil 12x16

Brief Landing wc 11x14

Happy Place oil 12x16 Paradise Paintout Signature Image

Sticks n Stones oil 16x20

Hot Day oil 8x10

Denise's House oil 16x20

Heron House, Naples watercolor 11x14

Naples beach wc 11x14

Marco Marvel wc 11x14

Three Sabals oil 16x20

Blue Heron oil 16x20

Rio, TX oil 12x16

Pennsylvania Post Office wc 11x14

Early Morning Shadows Laguna oil 8x10

My Bedroom, Crystal Cove oil 8x10

Gimme Shelter oil 12x16

Moonlit Mooring oil 11x14

Old Way, New Way wc 11x14

Generations, Easton oil 12x16

Rollins Beach oil 12x16

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