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Misty Island  oil  24x36.jpg


Holding Fast oil 18x24

Jonesport Cloudbreak watercolor 12x16

On the Edge watercolor 9x10

Milbridge Mackerels oil 18x24

Grounded oil 18x24

Waiting in Jonesport oil 12x16

Path to the Shed oil 18x24

Misty Island oil 24x36

Fall Shadows oil 8x10

Cloudbreak, Jonesport oil 18x24

Beached II oil 24x36

Almost Floating oil 18x24

Incoming, Bernie's Beach oil 24x36

Summer Clouds Over Eastern Harbor oil 12x12

Outward Bound oil 18x24

Ebbing Tide oil 18x24

Midsummer Reflections oil 18x24

Down By Sayles' oil 18x24

A Tuckernuck Morning    oil    18x24
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