Ashore oil 18x24 Selected to American Society of Marine Artists' 18th National Exhibition

Island Dream oil 30x40

Cuban Beach Selfie 30x40

Inside the Reef 30x40

Illumination oil 24x48

From the Bridge 24x48

Turquoise Wave 16x20

Like Home 2 30x40

Groupies 30x40

Breezy Homestead 16x20

Meditation 18x24

In Port 8x10

On the Sandbar oil 30x40

Nicely Settled oil 30x40

Key West Skyline oil 24x48

Blue Umbrella oil 30x40

Heading Home oil 18x24

Peapod 1 oil 18x24

Three Skiffs oil 18x24

Red, Yellow, Blue oil 30x40

Under the Palms oil 24x48

Waiting to Float oil 18x24

Summer Lavender oil 24x48

Beth's Request oil 18x24

Over the Neighborhood oil 13x13

Waf Parking oil 13x13

Evening at Ponce oil 18x24

Freaky Tiki oil 24x30

Shangri-La Shadows oil 12x16 Included in 2018 Florida Best of the Best at Ocean Gallery of Flagler Beach

Dune View oil 16x20 Included in 2018 Florida Best of the Best at Ocean Gallery of Flagler Beach

Remembering oil 18x24 Included in 2017 ASMA Lyme CT National Invitational

Cake Shop oil 18x24

Outward Bound oil 18x24 Included in the 2017 24th Annual National Maritime Art Exhibition Coos Art Museum, OR

Morning's Shadow oil 30x40

Paradise Pier oil 24x48

Sailor's Dream oil 40x30

Summer Lavender oil 24x48

Ebbing Tide oil 18x24

Just the Three of Us  oil

Au Carrousel oil 12x16

Crow's Nest oil 30x40

Salt Pond 1 oil 24x48

Ready To Go oil 24x30

Midsummer Reflections oil 18x24

Down by Sayles oil 18x24

Ten Past Eight oil 18x24

Heading Out oil 18x24

Yellow Birds oil 24x48

Inshore Reef oil 30x40

Root oil 30x40

Glimmer oil 30x40

William Street oil 12x16

Blue Bottle, Pigeon Key oil 16x20

Down Olivia oil 16x20

The Project, Barbados oil 12x16

Pink Sail oil 30x40

One Two Three oil 16x20

Green Shutter oil 30x40

Good Life oil 30x40

Madaket oil 18x24

A Tuckernuck Morning oil 18x24

Twisted Limber Pines, Logan Pass, MT oil 12x16

A Floating Island oil 8x10